Honey Sticks
Honey stick -
a healthy substitution for well known sweets
A healthy alternative to snacks and sweets
For everyone
Parents love the health properties of honey.
Children love the form and the taste!
Handy, fancy, salubrious and healthy!
No sticky hands and drops
The stick is filled with only 100% honey
One stick replaces a teaspoon of sugar
Be healthy and do not apply physical effort to this.
Just take your honey stick with you!
In Russia, Israel, USA, England, Holland ...
And this is just the beginning!
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First time in Siberia
The project began in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok in 2018.

We cooperate only with experienced beekeepers who have been presented for more than 7 years on the Russian market.

We use only fresh honey delivered directly from the apiary to our production.

Our products are accompanied by all necessary veterinary certificates and documents.
The main thing - open dialogue
We build transparent and reliable relationships with our partners.
We produce more than 40 tons of honey products per year.
We pack up to 4 tons of honey products per month.
Growth in the turnover of honey products by 15% per month, selling Honey sticks
We guarantee only natural honey from proven apiaries from ecologically clean regions of Altai.
We build transparent pricing for each distribution channel throughout the distribution territory.
We adhere to a win-win mutually beneficial cooperation policy
We are in the charity fund "Solar Town"
Each of us can make the world a better place. But not everyone knows how. An unequivocal solution for us was cooperation with the children's charity foundation «Solar Town». This is a chance to make the child a little happier. After all this happiness is huge for them.

We transfer 1 ruble to the Children's City Charity Fund «Solar Town» with each sold stick.
If you have questions about our products/in general or you want to leave feedback, please send us your comment by email.
Contact us
ООО «Siberian trade group»

+7 (983) 309-59-49